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FY19 Appropriations Update: A Bunch of Trip Wires

There are a handful of potential “trip wires” that could derail the appropriations process between now and the end of the fiscal year. It remains to be seen what happens when Congress returns from their recess, and how much governing Congressional Republicans are willing to do to avoid a government shut down just before the midterm elections.

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FY19 Appropriations Outlook: What Moves When and How

As Congress returned from the Fourth of July holiday this week, the House and Senate will dedicate much of their time between now and the brief August recess to passing legislation to continue funding the federal government. While Congress may ultimately turn to a continuing resolution that punts an omnibus appropriations bill to the lame duck session or into next year, we anticipate that both chambers will try to move as many appropriations measures via minibus packages before fiscal year 2018 appropriations expire on September 30. 

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