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Third Disaster Relief Bill Could Be a “Christmas Tree”

With so much to do and so little time, it’s likely a single bill – potentially a third supplemental appropriations package –  turns into a Christmas tree, loaded up with outstanding business. With action anticipated in November, could Christmas come early?

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The Big Three: Budget Resolution, Tax Reform, and FY18 Appropriations

As we begin the new fiscal year (FY18), we know that congressional Republicans want to accomplish two major goals: passage of a budget resolution and a tax reform package. And when you add in, FY18 appropriations, which Congress must address by December 8, that is a very ambitious agenda.

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Tax Reform’s Long Road

Following Congress’ latest failed attempt at healthcare repeal and replace, and fueled by an increasing desire to move past the recent Administration controversies, congressional Republicans are desperate for a win, and they may pivot quickly to tax reform when they return from the August recess. Check out our tax reform scorecard!

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