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Welcome Back from Recess!

Welcome back from recess! We took advantage of the past few weeks to check in with congressional staffers and other political insiders to get a better sense of where things might be headed this fall. Based on our intel gathering efforts, below is a high-level overview of our understanding of legislative priorities for this fall…

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2018 Election Analysis: Priority Issues for a Democratically Controlled House

While the Election Day dust is still settling, it is now certain that Democrats will control the House in the 116th Congress. At this point, it is also clear the House of Representatives will be younger, more female, and more racially diverse. We were up most of the night, not only watching the returns come in, but also thinking about how race outcomes will impact policy priorities in a Democratically controlled House, as this is a significant change from this Congress.

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Enjoy Thanksgiving Because You May Not Be Home for Christmas!

With Congress in recess, we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, all the more because of the intense end of the year to do list that may keep us here over Christmas.

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Committees Paving the Way for Infrastructure Policy

As we enter the September work period, Congress will first have to address the budget, appropriations, the debt limit, and expiring authorization measures, with tax reform and healthcare in the mix as well. However, we’re already thinking about the next big item on the agenda: infrastructure. An issue that crosses eight committee jurisdictions, crafting modern infrastructure policy will necessitate the input of many different parties, so where do we start?

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Is Majority Leader McConnell Tom Brady?

The past couple of days have been interesting for healthcare, in part because they set a different stage for other upcoming legislative efforts.

The recent healthcare developments set up a Hail Mary for Senator McConnell to get something done, but Super Bowls have been won on those passes. Is Senator McConnell Tom Brady?

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