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House and Senate Committee Musical Chairs

At Plurus Strategies, we are not only policy experts, but also big political junkies. Our idea of the August recess, even when the Senate is in for all but one week, is finding time to take a look at how election outcomes may impact House and Senate committee leadership and membership in the next Congress. Click through for our analysis of potential changes in the House and Senate.

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Spring 2018 Congressional Agenda

Members of Congress return this week from a two-week recess with a full agenda and without much time in which to accomplish their goals before turning their attention fully to the midterm elections. The Senate is scheduled to be in session for 104 days between now and Election Day, and the House, 71. We've rounded up issues we think will receive floor time prior to the election.

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The FY19 NDAA: National Defense Priorities and Opportunities for Non-Traditional Defense Companies

Although it seems the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) cycle just came to an end, the FY19 NDAA process is already underway. Because the annual defense policy bill is one of few “must pass” pieces of legislation, it is not only used to advance national security priorities, but in recent years, has also created opportunities for non-traditional defense companies.

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