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2018 Election Analysis: Priority Issues for a Democratically Controlled House

While the Election Day dust is still settling, it is now certain that Democrats will control the House in the 116th Congress. At this point, it is also clear the House of Representatives will be younger, more female, and more racially diverse. We were up most of the night, not only watching the returns come in, but also thinking about how race outcomes will impact policy priorities in a Democratically controlled House, as this is a significant change from this Congress.

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House and Senate Committee Musical Chairs

At Plurus Strategies, we are not only policy experts, but also big political junkies. Our idea of the August recess, even when the Senate is in for all but one week, is finding time to take a look at how election outcomes may impact House and Senate committee leadership and membership in the next Congress. Click through for our analysis of potential changes in the House and Senate.

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